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Residential Testimonials

Prompt response to my call

I was very pleased with the way MERRITT treated my furniture. They were very careful with the soiled spots and took extra time with cleaning those areas. It looks great! I liked the prompt response to my call and how quickly the cleaning was scheduled.

Sherri DuPree
Gordon, GA

Able to come when I needed them

I have no complaints. Everyone at MERRITT was very courteous and they did a good job. Just as I expected the carpet was very clean! What I like most about MERRITT Is that they are able to come when I needed them. And I also liked there courteous workers.

Sandi Bouen
Gray, GA

Worked together as a team

MERRITT was very professional in all aspects. They were very courteous and worked together as a team. I am completely satisfied with the results of the carpet cleaning. They took extra time with very ground in problem areas. They had good results with grease, ink, blood and pet stains. I trust MERRITT because they said they would do a good job, and the results showed that. They had professional attitudes and that means a lot to me personally.

Sharon McKearney
Hardwick, GA

Carpet looked brand new

I was greatly pleased with the prompt and courteous service. Our carpet looked brand new after being cleaned. I was pleased with how my job seemed to be given top priority. Within several days after being cleaned, my carpet was stained by grease on a family member’s shoe. MERRITT came back out to my house promptly to help me with this problem.

Loray Childs
Gray, GA

Very courteous and professional

Everyone at MERRITT was very courteous and professional. Calls placed by MERRITT reminding us of our appointment beforehand definitely made an impression on us. MERRITT’s employees’ knowledge of cleaning carpet helped us in our decision to select MERRITT Professional Carpet Cleaning to clean our carpet.

Wayne & Judith Sanders
Milledgeville, GA

Fast, Efficient and friendly service

Fast, Efficient and friendly service! I had a birthday party planned on a Saturday afternoon and I had forgotten to call MERRITT until Wednesday afternoon, without hesitation I got a Friday morning appointment. I have a small child (1 year old) who spends a lot of time on the floor playing. I enjoy knowing that my carpet is clean and dirt free for her to play on.

Nickie Richardson
Ivey, GA

The clean carpet made the room look even better

I was very pleased with the service I received. MERRITT came when I needed them; they got to work immediately and called my attention to the difference as he began working. I kept adding things to be cleaned and he did those graciously. I was very pleased with the total job. I appreciate the prompt service and total cleaning. I had den furniture delivered on Sunday morning so the clean carpet made the room look even better. I had a party for the house guest on Monday and I was very happy my house looked nice and clean.

Shirley Tremon
Gordon, GA


Commercial Testimonials

Fast and efficient service

Our overall feeling of MERRITT is that they work in a fast and efficient matter. They were also very courteous while they worked. We were happy with the fast and efficient service we received along with the carpet being very clean. One benefit that we received is that we now have a dependable carpet cleaning service we can rely on when we need them. Second of all, through you we have found someone who can clean and polish our tile floors.

Marilyn Criswell,
Property Manager

Get the job done quickly

MERRITT did an excellent job cleaning the library carpet in our main room and in our meeting room. I think the best thing about MERRITT is that they get the job done quickly and are still able to do a quality job.

Arlene Bache
East Wilkinson County Library

Pay attention to detail

Stephen and his employees have always been very prompt and courteous when providing service. MERRITT’S service has allowed us to get much more use out of our carpet. They have always paid attention to detail when cleaning our carpet.

Mary Allman
Property Manager

Carpet looked unbelievable

MERRITT did an excellent job! Very professional work and employees were very cooperative and efficient. Carpet looked unbelievable. This being the first time ever being cleaned, it looks like new carpet. I certainly appreciate your working after our business hours and making this cleaning so easy for us by moving furniture and items on the carpet for us. Thanks so much! You did an excellent job.

Fay Garner
Gordon City Hall


Restoration Testimonials

Very professional and trustworthy

Fabulous! MERRITT jumped on things immediately. Very professional and trustworthy. It was very nice to have someone take care of things start to finish with my husband and I having very busy schedules.

Tangie Teague

I am glad I called MERRITT

Your guys are very particular about the work they do. They are treating my home as if it were their home. I am glad I called MERRITT.

Tony Santarone

Took care of my home

MERRITT has been very prompt, very professional. Everything has gone very smoothly. I haven’t had to worry about anything or do anything. When the guys moved furniture, they didn’t break or tear up anything. They took care of my home.

Virginia Baxter

Real satisfied

I was real satisfied. I appreciated everything that you all did for me. If I hear of anyone that needs your service, I will let them know about MERRITT.

Douglas Adams